「Creating leaders of the future through SFC」

Keio University has been in the leading force of the Japanese economy and business. Founder Yukichi Fukuzawa(福沢諭吉) has introduced a number of modernized companies and the notion of modern management to Japan. His students(Juku-in) have been working very hard and challenging their limit at every point in the Japanese economical ecosystem.

The Shonan Fujisawa Campus(SFC) is the base of Kotosaka Seminar. Our research keyword is “International Business & Entrepreneurship Research (IBER)” We broadly study junction points of international business and entrepreneurship from angles of strategic management . Entrepreneurship is not necessarily limited to start-ups so as to International Business. We see importance in what comes in the future for management and entrepreneurs, and discuss this in the seminar.

1) Shagyo-jissen: Practicing what you preach

– We highly value students who not only think, but also apply themselves in the field.

2) Hangaku-hankyo: Learning while Teaching, Teaching while Learning

– We highly value students who not only passively learn, but also have a strong passion for giving us a unique intellectual insight.

3) Dokuritsu-jison:  Independence and self-respect, serves as a reminder to think and act for oneself.

– We highly value students who respect themselves, others, and have a talent for aggressively leading our seminar towards the future.

SFC has established itself to be the place of future leaders.

We look forward to creating the future with you.

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