Information on IBER-Kotosaka Seminar Exhibition

***Reservations starts at June 4, 2018 (Mon), 5 p.m.***

In this year’s SFC Open Campus, the Kotosaka Seminar will open a booth for students thinking about applying to SFC.
A university open-campus is a great opportunity to get to know what a university has to offer.
If you are interested in business and want to know more about IBER-Kotosaka Seminar, the open-campus at SFC offers you a chance to learn about our seminar.

At SFC open-campus, you will be able to learn the following:

①The learning environment at SFC
②Our campus lifestyle
③What SFC seminars do
④Lectures and classes at SFC


① The learning environment at SFC
Here at SFC, helpful staff members, “student guide (gakusei-gaido)” will show you around the campus. (English tours are also available) Here, you will be able to learn things about the campus that you just cannot get from pamphlets.

② Our campus lifestyle
Do you know what a typical day of a university student is like?
Here at SFC, you will be able to take a wide variety of classes and lectures compared to other universities, as there are less required classes to complete. Each student is encouraged to pursue and study what interests them most. Moreover, some classes are streamed online as well, allowing many students to not only focus on school but on extracurricular affairs as well (IBER-Kotosaka Seminar has an extracurricular affairs team, and many others outside of IBER-Kotosaka Seminar does so as well).
At the open-campus, a booth will be set-up where you will be able to talk to SFC students. Here, you will be able to ask them anything that you may want to know about SFC. Moreover, you can also ask them what it is like to be enrolled in SFC.

③What SFC seminars do
SFC has over a 100 unique seminars that conducts research in their respective fields. Unlike many universities, even 1st year students are able to join seminars. And students are not limited to joining just one seminar, but are able to join up to three. This allows students to approach what interests them through different perspectives.
At open-campus, there will be 6 seminars on display, IBER-Kotosaka seminar included. Here, you will be able to learn what each seminar researches as a whole, and what students that are in those seminars research on their own. This is a great chance to get to know about seminars that are more restrained in marketing themselves, as there will be a few of them there.

④Lectures and Classes at SFC
At the open-campus, a mock lesson will be held. Here at SFC, there are a multitude of fields that you can take on. For example, there are 11 different language courses you can pursue during your time at SFC. Please note that you will need a reservation for mock lessons.


Information on IBER-Kotosaka Seminar Exhibition

At the open-campus, IBER-Kotosaka seminar will prepare a explanatory exhibition and a presentation. At the exhibition, students from IBER-Kotosaka will be there to answer any questions you may have. Of course, more general questions such as “what is business management?” are welcome. In addition, papers that Professor Kotosaka has posted on Harvard Business Review will be available to see, as long with his books that are still works-in-progress.
Additionally, English presentations will be held from Daiki Yamashita, a third year GIGA SFC student born and raised in the USA and Germany and currently the English Seminar leader and Ibolya Belaokva, a 2nd year GIGA student currently researching on conflict prevention and strategic alliances between ICT ventures and large enterprises.


When will the open-campus be held and how can I sign-up?

Details on open-campus
Date: June 17, 2018 (Sun) 10:30AM to 5:00PM
Location: Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus

You will need to make a reservation to join. Reservations start at June 4, 2018 (Mon), starting at 5:00PM. For more information hereThere are a limited number of slots available.


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