Information on Spring semester special research project

A special joint research project between the Masahiro Kotosaka Seminar and Konica Minolta corporation will take place this spring semester.

The goal of this project is to propose a new business plan to the company’s executives, based on the 4 main topics proposed by Konica Minolta. On the scheduled days, you will be meeting the employees to learn more about the company and receive further feedback.


Additionally, there will be group work between February 5th and February 26th. This will include a meeting twice a week, either directly with Konica Minolta employee representatives or via Skype, in order to ensure dynamic team work. Although this project will take place only during these 3 weeks, the company is putting considerable effort into this project, and the skills and experience you will gain during this project will be extremely useful, even outside of your university studies.


Please apply if you wish to actively participate during the project period, create new ways to utilize existing technologies and services, and find the means to innovate them. This project is especially recommended to students passionate about innovative technology, who wish to test themselves before entering the corporate world and to those who have an original, out-of-the-box way of thinking that will help bring about a more innovative world. No qualifications or special research fields are needed, we are looking for interesting output and fresh new perspectives.


If you are interested in participating in the Konica Minolta project, please fill in the pre-entry form below. Our team will contact you shortly.  The assignments shall be submitted during the main-entry period and your application will be completed.


We are awaiting fresh new ideas and hope for unique experiences in this project.


*Current schedule may be subject to change.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Kotosaka Seminar at



■Category: special research project (2 credits)

■Active implementation: Monday February 5th; Friday February 9th; Monday February 26th

■All student years welcome

■Approximately 35 participants

■Language used: Japanese

■Application method: QR or URL

■Pre-entry period: Monday Demeber 18th (00:00) to Thursday January 4th (23:59)

■Project topics:

①Air & sensoring

②Aging population & regionalism & nursing

③Video solutions

④Multilingual application



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